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FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund

FHF is a state-owned limited company owned by the Ministry of Trade, industry and fisheries, and financed by the industry through a levy on exports of Norwegian Seafood at 0,3 %. FHFs goal is to create added value to the seafood industry through industry-based research and development (R&D).

The Ministry constitutes the general assembly and appoints the board of directors which is comprised of representatives of the industry. The industry anchoring is further strengthened through three industry advisory groups consisting of industry actors.

FHFs activities and priorities are anchored in law and regulations as well as main strategies and annual priorities, both of which are available at www.fhf.no

FHF shall identify the most important issues to be addressed through R&D, initiate, finance and carry out R&D projects which will contribute to FHFs main goal.

In addition, FHF shall take steps to ensure that results from the R&D projects can be implemented in the industry and thus create innovation and value to the industry.

You will find a brief presentation on FHF here.

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